Here's 12 reasons why you should choose SmartPrint Fleet Management.
1. We're Australian

Australian Owned and Operated – Keeping the money in our economy and keeps us up to date with local matters. Red tape issues are also alleviated as decisions are made at a local level.
2. We're Independent

SmartPrint is not aligned with any one brand or manufacturer, independently providing you with a honest and unbiased recommendation, ultimately obtaining a best fit solution for your organisation.
3. Buying Power

SmartPrint usually buys in one week what most large companies buy in a five year cycle. By taking advantage of SmartPrint's cumulative buying power, your organisation can achieve massive cost savings.
4. Cost Reduction

By consolidating all printers, MFD's, Photocopiers and faxes under a centralised management agreement and controlling the environment, SmartPrint are able to provide cost savings that are real, tangible and significant.
5. Automated

SmartPrint uses customised alerts, so when a toner gets low or a service is required, an automated request is sent to us advising location, device and what is required. Ordering online or via our 1300 number is also available.
6. Operator Please

Finding it hard to deal with the manufacturers, some of the most predominant brands service and response centres are located overseas, making it difficult and frustrating when ordering toner or service. SmartPrint staff are accessible and prompt and will alleviate ridiculous waiting times.
7. Multi-vendor Environment

Most Companies have several brands, makes and models of office equipment, this is quite common due to decentralised purchasing trends and multiple locations looking after these sites independently. SmartPrint brings all service and consumables under one umbrella.
8. One Easy Invoice

SmartPrint Fleet Management provides one easy cost per print solution which covers all parts, labour consumables and equipment with no Capital Investment. All you do is pay for the prints you make, under one easy consolidated monthly bill.
9. Better Service

SmartPrint develop a best practice approach to Service Level Agreements (SLA) through existing and new engagements. We ensure that SLA's are flexible, promote limited risk and provide reward sharing benefits for both your organisation and SmartPrint.
10. Reporting and Expertise

SmartPrint offer access to a complete range of industry leading skill sets, reporting, personnel and best of breed technology. These resources are available for you to tap into as you need.
11. National Service

SmartPrint have one central 1300 number for nationwide service and monitoring so we understand and have an intimate knowledge of your account. This saves having to explain your account over and over again.
12. Onsite Service

If you have ever had any issues or breakdowns with Laser printers, the manufacturer asks that you box it up and send it to them for assessment or warranty repair! SmartPrint will come to you and repair on site and if it can't be done on site we will arrange a loan machine or replacement in the interim.