It is unfortunate, but the fact is, printing is a contributor to Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Emissions, so with this in mind, SmartPrint Fleet Management has initiated a new environmental program to help combat climate change.

In addition to providing the normal manufacturers environmental smarts, SmartPrint wanted to do it’s bit for the environment and pioneered the Carbon Offset Program.

By simply participating in either of SmartPrint’s maintenance or print plan programs, SmartPrint will purchase Carbon Credits on your behalf.

Through your initiative, CO2 Australia will plant trees to offset carbon emissions.

SmartPrint Fleet Management - Print Green“Our carbon offset program aims to offer SmartPrint clients a chance to work hand-in-hand with our firm to reduce the impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.”

SmartPrint partners with it’s customers and suppliers to help reduce the impact that our services and products have on the environment.

Did you know that Australians send 34 printer cartridges to landfill every minute? That’s 2050 per hour. In the last 4 years, 4 million printer cartridges have been diverted from landfill thanks to Cartridges for Planet Ark.

Check out to find your nearest cartridge drop off and dispose of used cartridges the environmentally friendly way.