Completely secure your printers and network – stay a step ahead with SmartPrint.


Malicious threats from outside the company, exposure of documents sent to and from the device, unauthorised use,  exposure of device settings or ports, identify theft, confidentiality or security breaches and HDD security, the list is extensive and the threat is real.

Print security isn’t just about securing your printer.  It’s about helping to secure your entire network with real-time threat detection, automated monitoring and built-in software validation.

Cybercrime, internal breaches, compliance infringement and more can hurt your business.  In addition to expensive fines and lawsuits, a security breach can result in a damaged reputation and loss of revenue.

Due to the growing sophistication and perseverance of cybercriminals, network firewalls are proving to be insufficient security measures.  Organisations need to fortify their endpoints behind the firewall, including network printers.  But print security can be complicated.  Enterprise-level multifunction printers (MFPs) have more than 250 security settings.  Keeping devices, data, and documents secure across the fleet requires specialised knowledge and can be time consuming.

Let SmartPrint manage your printers and network security so you can focus on your core business.  You can count on SmartPrint to help assess your risks, secure and manage your fleet, maintain printer security compliance, and keep everything up to date with the latest industry protections.