MPS is a hybrid holistic offering evolved from the photocopier and laser printer industries colliding and pushing into the same market segment. MPS optimizes a customer’s printer production via outsourcing the supply, management and maintenance of their print, copier, scan and fax fleets.

The true definition of MPS is a centralised, one source, end to end solution which covers:

  • Steps of a Managed Print ServiceAll equipment (new & existing)

  • Supply & Consumables

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Finance & Acquisition

  • Ongoing Support & Helpdesk

  • Forms & Document Solutions

  • Installation & decommission

From the beginning, each and every MPS relationship should start with a discovery/audit process which includes:

  • SmartPrint Managed Print Services (MPS)Software data collection

  • Discovery of process of current asset register

  • Site and end user survey

  • Needs Analysis

  • Mapping and correct device alignments

  • Crystallization of current operating expense

  • Green Policies

  • Company processes and forecasts

All data is then collated, processed, assessed and provided back to the customer in the form of a comprehensive management report detailing current statistics, TCO, areas of improvement and proposed MPS implementation.

MPS has become the flagship product for the print industry. In fact, it sees the major manufacturers and copier suppliers alike promote, advertise and utilise the buzzword to retain  clients and involve themselves in the market grab.

MPS has shifted the market, which is evident by dealers once waving the branded flag and promoting the manufacturers label to dropping the logos and pushing down the independent path to reflect brand neutral and unbiased offerings.