SmartPrint is a 100%Australian-owned and operated Managed Print Services company

SmartPrint – 2010 Business Acumen Queensland

Business on the Move – SmartPrint – by name and nature – enables business to attain high quality fleet-wide print and copier services efficiently and with significant savings.

SmartPrint Fleet Management can solve a wide variety of business printing problems – but the first one it solves is printer brand domination.

With one billion prints now under its management, SmartPrint is definitely meeting the needs of the market.

SmartPrint Fleet Management - Directors Jason Ganis and Justin McShane.
Directors Jason Ganis and Justin McShane.

Using their intimate knowledge of the industry, directors Jason Ganis (Ricoh nine years) and Justin McShane (Xerox 10 years) originally set out to develop an exciting outsource print management solution that delivers increased service levels, automation and large cost savings.

“After vast research and development, thousands of flights, countless late nights and turnover in excess of $15million dollars, our six-year overnight success has become a surreal reality and a force to be reckoned with,” Mr Ganis said.

“We always reflect on our humble beginnings and often review our progress throughout the years to give us renewed inspiration.”

It all started over a cup of coffee, now Smartprint Fleet Management is one of the largest and fastest growing print companies in Australia, specialising in managed print services (MPS) for laser printer and photocopier fleets nationally encompassing all service, equipment, maintenance and consumables.

In fact SmartPrint are the first in Australia founded exclusively, wholly and solely, for the purpose of printer fleet management.

SmartPrint are unique in the fact that they are 100 percent brand independent, making SmartPrint one of the only companies delivering flexible services that can be tailored to an individual customer’s requirements.

“Our service is unrivalled with access to over 1500 technicians nationally, servicing a multitude of brands. This unique strength allows SmartPrint to offer clients a one easy brand neutral supply agreement,” he said.

“Our aim is to improve return on investment, reduce operating costs and simplify the supply and maintenance of your network printers and copiers.”


Independent studies regularly show that organisations spend 1-3 percent of their total annual revenue on printing and generating documents.

SmartPrint can show that by taking a holistic approach and bringing all devices under centralised management and control, cost savings can be very significant – in some cases, up to 50 percent in savings.

“After starting out of an office in Clarence Street Sydney CBD in 2004, we found that printer fleet management was an area that 90 percent of Australian companies have overlooked and our product and services were warmly received,” Mr Ganis said.

But such growth did not come without challenges, the main one being infrastructure.

“With such a rapid organic growth curve, it was essential keeping up to date with equipment, software and staff,” Mr Ganis said.

SmartPrint provides Intuitive print management software, printer hardware, consumables and service under one simple cost per page tailored to a company’s volume.

“We then monitor your machines and report any failures or consumable requirements on an ongoing basis, which we can fulfill Australia wide,” Mr Ganis said.

“In addition to our direct operations, our own finance company – ifish finance – and our new web shop, SmartPrint has developed a multitude of partnerships with manufacturers including HP, Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Samsung and Lexmark to service and manage organisations Australia wide.”

SmartPrint remains a 100 percent Australian owned and operated business, headquartered on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“We can offer a truly national service,” Mr Ganis said.

In 2009 SmartPrint acquired a further five sales personnel and three administration staff, while also relocating the SmartPrint headquarters on the Gold Coast with the acquisition, construction and project management of its new head office.

“It was rewarding, however very demanding as we had a four-month window which also happened to coincide with end of financial year.”

It was also a year for introducing significant new technologies such as customised software alerts. With these alerts, when a toner gets low or a service is required, an automatic request is sent to SmartPrint HQ advising location, device and what is required.


Achieving such Australian market penetration in 2009 was both because of, and in spite of, the global financial crisis – and it has opened doors for international expansion to the US.

Businesses became acutely aware of the value of SmartPrint’s services as the global financial crisis hit. SmartPrint realised a 162 percent growth in one of the worst global economic crises in history.

It was an unusual year for the company to achieve one of its greatest long-term goals.

“SmartPrint always had plans to expand into the US market and provide our offerings and services to parent entities of our Australian clients,” Mr Ganis said. “This became apparent when SmartPrint’s services were so attractive that it prompted our customer, Toys R Us, to look at MPS globally.

“MPS is the largest growth area of the laser printer industry globally. SmartPrint’s sixth anniversary sees us leaps and bounds in front of our competition and, as a result, has some of the largest photocopier manufacturers knocking on our door in order to sell their products and even service some of their existing clientele. In addition we are offering service level agreements never heard of in the market place.”

Always aware of the expanding needs of its customers – and the need to protect and project its reputation, SmartPrint developed and introduced buyers agreements and tendering services for prospective Smartprint customers. This turned out to be a great success.

“Smartprint usually buys in one week what most large companies buy in a five year cycle,” Mr Ganis said. “By taking advantage of SmartPrint’s cumulative buying power and intimate knowledge of the industry, Australian companies can achieve massive cost savings and stop manufacturers from price lockouts.

“SmartPrint grew over 162 percent in the past 12 months following 612 percent growth in 2008, and 2010 is looking even better. This is due to the fact that nearly every company is looking at ways to reduce operational costs and streamline in these turbulent times, which is SmartPrint’s forte.”

SmartPrint also pioneered the Print Carbon Offset product, which is in addition to the standard manufacturer’s environmentally friendly offerings, SmartPrint, in conjunction with CO2, went over and above to plant trees with a 100 year chipping and logging covenant.

So, in effect, a customer with 50- plus devices would have their own mini forest in Northern Queensland and/or Victoria.


SmartPrint directors Mr Ganis and Mr McShane have a word of warning for larger companies and government entities on what, on the surface, might seem to be favourable agreements with single manufacturers.

“The majority of our clients had supposed ‘global agreements’, ‘major accounts’ and ‘government pricing’ with direct manufacturers,” they said.

“We can show numerous examples where SmartPrint uncovered these are not always in the customer’s best interest.

“In one instance we saved a client 52 percent on their daily operational expense, provided them with 110 new commercial grade laser printers with no capital outlay, offset their carbon emissions and bought their old equipment off their asset register for $30,000.”

As part of its campaign to open up the market for Australian business, SmartPrint will launch its new web shop in 2010 – the only Australian website that will be a wholesale onestop shop for all makes and models of printers and consumables.

“We are also pushing for a 200 percent organic growth curve and possibly some acquisition growth,” Mr Ganis said.



Best-known brands:
Vendor neutral (HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Toshiba, Canon, Konica etc), Office Equipment and IT industries.

SmartPrint is a a government accredited supplier and member of the Managed Print Services Association.

Chief spokesperson:
Jason Ganis – Managing Director
12 staff

Leadership team:
Justin McShane – Sales Director

Jason Ganis – Managing Director

Tel: 1300 727 356